20 Celebrities That Have The Craziest Phobias

20 Celebrities That Have The Craziest Phobias


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20 Celebrities Which Have The Craziest Fears

All of us have something which we’re scared of, whether it’s perhaps a anxiety about lions or a levels, like many people possess some type of fear, it appears and we’re not at all scared to declare it. Like us, celebrities are simply with that said plus issues are feared by them too. A number of them possess some fairly crazy fears however, therefore we created this listing of 20 celebrities using the craziest fears for you to look at and perhaps experience by what scares you a bit more regular!

Taylor Swift

There’s no particular term for Swift’s concern, but she accepted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was scared of sea urchins. It’s therefore poor that she will not proceed within the water!

G. Diddy (Sean Combs)

We’re unsure nowadays, what he’s being named, but he’ll continually be G. Diddy to us! He evidently is affected with podophobia, that will be worries of the minute foot that is lengthy! He introduced it on The Tonight Show and Kate Beckinsale, another visitor that evening, confirmed him her feet and he freaked-out!

Billy Bob Thornton

The actor is just a man that is strange, so we’re not amazed by something he does or claims. The actor is affected with a classic furniture and he believes antiques in a prior existence, that has triggered his concern today beat to death him.


She perform and might create some incredible tunes, but Adele likewise is affected with laridaphobia, that will be worries of seagulls! Evidently one assaulted her in a youthful age as do the marks in the assault which event stays together with her nowadays!

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